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Don Richardson

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BC Hereford Assoc.
c/o Daryl Kirton
30018 Townshipline Rd
Abbotsford, BC
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We have many dedicated members located throughout the province of British Columbia. Our common goal is to produce the best Hereford seedstock available to meet the evolving demands of the commercial cattle industry. The British Columbia cattle industry is based on plentiful grass production on vast rugged range lands. Much of this forage stretches from river bottoms to mountain tops. The Hereford cow has proven herself for more than a hundred years to be the cow of choice to get the full use of this land. She will travel the country, raise a quality calf, breed back and come home in the fall in good condition.

BC breeders produce cattle that will fulfill the needs of the most critical commercial cattleman as well as the serious seedstock producer. Many of our breeders use extensive Artificial Insemination to the best bulls in the industry. We also have breeders using Embryo Transplants to get the best use from their top cows.

All BC breeders have their names, addresses and phone numbers on this web site. Those which are so equipped also have their email addresses listed while some even have their web pages listed on our link page.

Throughout the year there are many Hereford events happenings such as field days, shows and sales and they will be listed on the coming events page.

We invite you to explore our website, to join us at one of our functions or visit a breeder near you. See what the Hereford breed can do for you or how you can become a member of an established association whose function is to promote Herefords and produce better cattle for the beef industry.

If you have any questions about the British Columbia Hereford Association, please contact us by email at , or by phone at

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